Created by the renowned artist George Ioannou, Art Rebellion opened its doors in 2010 and has never looked back. Passionate about art, loving coffee and enjoying life, George has pushed back the boundaries and established an inspirational gallery offering a contemporary art experience that won’t be forgotten. He has taken art to the next level with the focus on modern and innovative art from established, and up-and-coming artists. Combining art and coffee, Art Rebellion allows the enjoyment of art while relaxing in a coffee shop style environment.

Located in Coulsdon, Surrey, the 2000sq ft gallery showcases limited edition prints, original artwork and one off installation pieces.

George gained recent recognition from the South London Business Awards, named Entrepreneur of the year 2012, and at the Croydon Business Awards, named FSB Real Life Entrepreneur of the year (Croydon 2012).

This acknowledgement reinforces the reality that Art Rebellion is a forceful, funky, fun expression of art, artists, and art lovers combined.

Whether you want to visit to enjoy viewing the art or to acquire a unique piece of art, Art Rebellion is open to all. You are welcome to have a look around or be shown around by the team of helpful staff. You are certain to discover art of interest, which is worth investing in.

Are you looking for a quirky and unique interior for your home or business?  We have a dedicated team of consultants that can help achieve your weirdest and wackiest dreams; from artwork, to colour consultation, furnishings, building development and more, this bespoke service is tailored to your needs. Contact Emily at art@artrebellion.co.uk for more information on interior design or booking a design consultation.

Art Rebellion is an alternative place to meet friends, inspire your children, get your creative juices flowing and expand your horizons while enjoying tasty treats, the Queen of coffees or a scrumptious smoothie.

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